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IKV is an embedded database on top of a backend data layer (IKV Cloud). You need an IKV cloud account and a provisioned IKV store to start using it in your application.


All provisioning related communication can be done by contacting Store provisioning takes 1-3 hours.

IKV Cloud Account

  • Allocate an account-id and account-passkey once for your account.
  • You can create any number of IKV stores under one account.

IKV Store

Provision a new IKV store under your account by providing:

  • store-name: Unique name for your store
  • primary-key: A document field to identify documents that will be stored in IKV


Unlimited read quota, pay only for the amount of data you store ($ per GB/month). We offer a free-tier for small data volumes.


Pricing details can be requested based on quota requirements by contacting